Feeling powerless to change the internal conflict & overwhelm?

You have a desired outcome: to begin, maintain your focus, and successfully complete tasks, but there's just one problem...

how to achieve that result!

Achieving your goals involves more than meets the eye - it includes knowing where to begin, building a solid foundation, establishing routines, planning and prioritising, mastering time management skills, and managing impulsiveness and restlessness. It's easy to feel overwhelmed by these challenges and wonder why you can't tackle them alone, as if you're constantly struggling to keep your head above water.

You're not alone.

A step-by-step solution that helps daily life management.

Imagine being confidently able to…

This is an in-person program that gives you day-to-day management skills that will change life outcomes. 


ADHD Coaching

  • Developing effective time management strategies and organisational systems.
  • Providing guidance on prioritisation, task scheduling, and creating routines to improve productivity and reduce overwhelm.
  • Supporting the implementation of practical tools and techniques for managing time and maintaining an organised environment.
  • Guidance on maintaining a clutter-free physical environment to reduce overwhelm.

1. Manage Time & GET Organised

  • Develop strategies for managing and regulating emotions.
  • Teaching techniques to enhance emotional self-awareness, self-control, and impulse management.
  • Supporting the development of coping mechanisms and mindfulness practices to navigate emotional challenges.

2. Regulate emotions and Control IMPULSE 

  • Improving study habits, organisation, and time management for academic success.
  • Offering strategies for focusing and maintaining attention during studying or completing assignments.
  • Providing guidance on effective note-taking, test preparation, and managing academic responsibilities.

3. develop effective study skills and academic support strategies

  • Developing social skills, such as active listening, empathy, and effective communication.
  • Providing guidance on navigating social interactions, managing social anxiety, and developing meaningful relationships.
  • Offering strategies for improving social awareness, interpreting social cues, and fostering positive connections.

4. develop and strengthen social skills & build meaningful relationships

  • Addressing specific challenges such as impulsivity, distractibility, and hyperactivity.
  • Providing tools and techniques to manage ADHD symptoms, reduce stress, and enhance overall well-being.
  • Offering support and strategies for addressing common comorbid conditions, such as anxiety or depression.

5. Cope with ADHD-Related Challenges

  • Working on building self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Supporting individuals in reframing negative self-perceptions and cultivating a positive self-image.
  • Providing validation, encouragement, and recognition of strengths and achievements.

6. enhance self-esteem and boost your confidence

  • Offering education and support to parents and family members.
  • Providing strategies and resources for managing ADHD-related challenges within the family dynamic.
  • Collaborating with parents to develop effective parenting techniques and strategies tailored to their child's needs.

7. parent compassionately & effectively with proven techniques & strategies

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