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The "boiling frog" metaphor deeply resonates, highlighting the subtle yet profound erosion that can silently unravel couples' relationships. Much like the unsuspecting frog, couples may only recognise the drifting apart when it becomes distressingly apparent. Over time, minor issues, unresolved conflicts and unmet needs can accumulate, eroding the emotional bond and intimacy between partners.

We understand making the decision to go to couples therapy can feel like a big step. It means admitting your partnership isn’t perfect, which can be confronting. Couples in distress are often experiencing high levels of anger, resentment, fear, hurt and mistrust. For those experiencing ambivalence about their relationship, couples counselling can also help partners clarify uncertainty and manage separation in a way that fosters positive relationships.

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We understand that considering couples therapy can feel like a big step. It means acknowledging that your relationship isn't perfect, and that can be tough to confront. 

We know that couples in distress often experience intense emotions like anger, resentment, fear, hurt, and mistrust. If you're feeling unsure about your relationship, couples counselling can help clarify your uncertainties and guide you through managing separation in a positive way. Our aim is to support you in navigating these challenges and fostering healthier relationships.

Our clinic provides a judgment-free space that feels more like a warm and inviting home, where you can authentically be yourself. We prioritise your comfort, respect, and understanding above all else. Our utmost goal is to ensure you feel safe and supported as we work together to address the sensitive issues in your relationship. Rest assured, our approach is backed by extensive experience and proven techniques.

Discover more about our therapeutic approach and what to expect from your treatment with us.

Relationships can be hard. Talk about it in therapy

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Some of the areas we can assist you with include:

  • Improved communication leading to a deeper connection and increased intimacy.

  • Reduction of conflicts and misunderstandings.

  • Clear expression of needs without fear or hesitation.

  • Healing from relationship injuries, including infidelity.

  • Active listening, clear and honest expression of needs, and open to compromise and problem-solving.

  • Valuing mutual respect, kindness, and consideration, appreciating each other's opinions, feelings, and needs.

  • Collaborating to find solutions that benefit both partners.

  • Negotiating relationship roles, alignment in parenting, and division of housework.

  • Clarifying and establishing healthy boundaries, navigating negotiations regarding shared parenting and living arrangements, and finding ways to maintain a positive friendship even after separation.

  • Achieving emotional intimacy through closeness, connection, and the enjoyment of sharing thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

  • Creating a safe space where each partner feels seen and heard, fostering vulnerability, support, and empathy.


What is couples counselling or therapy?

Couples therapy, also known as marriage or relationship counselling, is a form of therapy designed to help couples improve their communication, resolve conflicts, and strengthen their relationship. It provides a safe and supportive environment for partners to address their concerns, explore emotions, and work towards mutually beneficial solutions.

When should couples consider therapy?

Couples therapy can be beneficial in various situations, including when partners are facing communication problems, frequent arguments, trust issues, infidelity, lack of intimacy, or major life transitions. If the couple feels stuck, disconnected, or unable to resolve conflicts on their own, seeking professional help can be a valuable step towards rebuilding and improving their relationship.

What can we expect during couples therapy sessions?

In our couples therapy sessions, we create a non-judgmental and confidential space where both partners can openly express their thoughts, feelings, and concerns. Initially, we'll work together to understand your unique dynamics, history, and goals for therapy. Subsequent sessions will involve exploring specific issues, improving communication patterns, and learning effective strategies for conflict resolution. Homework assignments may be given to practice new skills and reinforce progress outside of therapy sessions.

How long does couples therapy last, and how often should we attend sessions?

The duration of couples therapy varies based on each couple's specific needs and progress. Some couples may experience positive changes after just a few sessions, while others may require more extensive work over several months. Together, we will assess your progress and determine the most suitable timeframe for therapy. Session frequency is typically weekly or biweekly, and as progress is made, sessions may become less frequent to allow for independent application of the skills learned.

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We offer couples therapy appointments on weekdays during business hours or after hours, accommodating your work schedule. Additionally, we provide the convenience of online sessions through video conferencing.