NDIS approved professional support and guidance for empowered neurodivergent family life.

In understanding the journey of parents with neurodivergent children, it becomes evident that a deficits-based approach, which solely focuses on "fixing" the impairments associated with neurodevelopmental conditions, may not fully encompass their unique abilities, interests, and needs. Instead, adopting a neurodiversity-affirming approach allows us to appreciate the diverse strengths and qualities that each neurotype brings. By acknowledging the impact of the environment and societal barriers, we can better comprehend the challenges that neurodivergent individuals face. Through empathy and support, we can work together to create a more inclusive and understanding world for all parents and their wonderful children.

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Our Neuro-affirming Approach

Traditional therapeutic approaches to working with neurodivergent children and families have often focused on encouraged masking neurodivergent traits, which includes reducing stimming behaviours or forcefully maintaining eye contact and mimicking neurotypical styles of communication. Empirical evidence suggests that these practices can lead to adverse outcomes such as feelings of shame, anxiety, depression, and a diminished sense of self-worth, (Sedgewick et al., 2021).

Rather than perpetuating the notion that parents of neurodivergent children must mask certain characteristics, we support families to adopt neurodiversity-affirming practices. This approach involves understanding and validating these differences, providing necessary adaptations and support that embrace neurodivergent identities. As a result, families are empowered to advocate for accommodations in the home environment, leading to increased self-esteem and self-acceptance.

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Some of the areas we can assist you with include:

  • Promoting an inclusive and accepting environment that values diversity, by understanding and embracing unique profiles, fostering a sense of belonging and self-acceptance, and championing individual abilities and strengths.

  • We take the time to understand and honour the individual communication styles of neurodivergent children. By doing so, we create an environment that fosters better connections and empowers them to express themselves confidently.

  • Fostering neurodivergent listening skills, allowing each child to communicate and engage in ways that suit their individual strengths and preferences, rather than adhering to traditional neurotypical norms.

  • Understand and accommodate the unique sensory needs of neurodivergent children, creating a nurturing environment where they can thrive.

  • Validate children's feelings, helping them to recognise their triggers, and offering support in identifying calming strategies.

  • Develop self-advocacy and problem-solving skills, empowering children to navigate challenges and express their needs confidently.

  • Teaching children to develop a heightened understanding of others' emotions, behaviours, and communication, empowering them to make thoughtful and intentional choices in their responses.

  • Recognising the need for processing time and providing safe spaces, fostering an environment where children can explore and cope with their thoughts and emotions at their own pace.

  • Encourage the development of safe self-regulation skills, which encompasses embracing stimming as a natural and beneficial way for children to express themselves and find comfort.

  • Adopt neuro-affirming language, recognising and using words that celebrate and embrace the unique strengths and identities of every individual.

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We offer professional support to families through clinic visits and home installations to create sensory affirming environments for your children, complemented by the convenience of online sessions via video conferencing.

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