You know life or relationships are harder than they should be, but you’re not sure what steps to take to make it easier. 

You acknowledge the importance of seeking professional guidance to help you restore balance and harmony in your life and relationships.

You have made a commitment to your personal growth and healing journey, and you are actively seeking a comprehensive and personalised approach to help you achieve sustainable positive changes.

With my expertise, I help you overcome challenges by working together to identify the root causes of your struggles. Together, we develop new beliefs and skills to create positive outcomes and overcome obstacles that have been impacting your life.

This is exciting! 

I'm here to help you smile more. 

We will work together to take steps towards helping you overcome your challenges, and to adopt new skills that will help turn your life around.


Join me and I’ll help you overcome life or relationship challenges by adopting new skills that will turn things around.

Together, we work to identify the root causes of your struggles and overcome life and relationship challenges.

We co-create what needs to change in order to build stronger, healthier romantic and family relationships.

For ADHD and neurodivergent clients, we help strengthen executive functioning skills and change neural pathways that support positive habits and behaviours. 

Build the life  you want, and the relationship you love.

Sound like the kind of outcome you want?

You know life & relationships can be easier...


Helping clients smile more

Peta brings over 20 years of experience and expertise in the field of mental health and wellbeing to her work, along with a deep commitment to helping individuals cultivate greater clarity, freedom, and fulfilment in their lives. 

Peta's academic background, which includes a degree in health science with a major in psychology (BA-HSC1 Psy.), is complemented by over 30 years of personal growth experience and overcoming significant life obstacles. This extensive journey has provided her with a comprehensive understanding of the challenges that arise in life and relationships. She is adept at using evidence-based approaches to support her clients' unique needs and goals.

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Smile More Founder

Walk 'n' Talk & Smile More

With a passion for helping people lead more fulfilling lives, Peta conceptualised the "Walk 'n' Talk & Smile More" initiative. This program aims to create a supportive and uplifting environment for people to walk, talk, and connect with others.

By combining the benefits of exercise and social interaction, Peta's initiative helps people improve their overall wellbeing and cultivate a sense of purpose and belonging. Whether struggling with mental health challenges, feeling isolated or disconnected, or simply looking to meet new friends and improve their overall health and happiness, Walk 'n' Talk & Smile More can help take the first step towards a more fulfilling life.

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This was the professional development help that I didn’t even know was available. The key to ‘adulting gone right’ hand delivered, and spoon fed in a way that will have you questioning why you even stored 45 shopping bags in a crevice next to the fridge. 

Once Peta instilled in me the knowledge I needed in this accelerated ‘adulting gone right’ service I cannot unsee it. 

This investment has been ongoing, and I now have friends asking ME for advice after seeing the results. There was life before Peta and after Peta, no in-between, and seeing how relaxed and stress free, I’m going to say this has been my best investment to date. 


This was the key to living the calm and organised life like I thought would just come naturally. It was a bit Mary-Poppins-esque. 

clients who are smiling more


She helped me create systems that increased creativity and instilled a newfound confidence AND more importantly eliminated avoidance strategies I had adopted. 

She is full of unique ideas and approaches that create lasting impact. All her advice is completely transferable and can be implemented in other areas of your life too! Not only that, but you also become part of a community who will help and guide you during your journey. 

I absolutely loved working Peta. I highly recommend her services.

Peta goes above and beyond to help you plan and organise your life and environment to ensure they reflect positive outcomes. In my case, improved mental health and productivity. 

Rewa Shaw

The mental load was heavy and although I consider myself an organised and motivated person it was a job I just couldn’t seem to face.

 After meeting Peta I trusted her innately with what needed to be done.

 The care and thought that Peta and her team put into their work is second to none and the results are incredible.

Quite simply put, what Peta and her team do will change your life.

Paige B.

My life seemed to be controlling me, instead of me being in control. I felt constantly stressed and quite unhappy.

Peta has a way of making the complex simple, immediately removing the overwhelm. Our home was a mess, and it reflected how I felt about life. I was surprised how the chaos in our home was impacting not only me, but the whole family, including tension with between us. It was easier to think clearly and allowed me the space to focus on what I really wanted from life and with my family.

The positive changes were nothing short of miraculous. I just wish I’d known about her sooner. Thanks, Peta, for all you’ve done for us xx

Peta has a way of making the complex simple, immediately removing overwhelm. 


Peta completely transformed my home from being out of control and with things absolutely everywhere, to a calm environment where everything now has a place.

She went out of her way to find and source suitable containers and storage solutions for all the different parts of the kitchen and house. She organized and set up all areas beautifully, and inspired me to think about our living spaces completely differently and to aim for living without clutter.

She taught me a lot about how to think about organizing your house and things and even months after she completed the project, we think every day about how she would have organized a particular area and continue to try to declutter as we go about every day. She also did a massive job on organizing and decluttering my very full garage / downstairs storage space and put everything into an incredible system that now helps me massively every day.

Incredible systems that now helps me massively every day

Tegan Johnson

As a generally organised person I was finding myself overwhelmed, inefficient and to be honest quite stressed and this was impacting my whole wellbeing.

I desperately needed help and wanted a whole-of-home service. Someone who could work through each space in my home, declutter and organise in a stylish manner. I have started reading again with the extra time I have gotten back and can focus on doing things that mean more to me.

 My brow wrinkle has also softened as clearly I am not holding as much tension and stress in my body!! Not only has this been a way to improve my home, it has been an investment in my family and in my wellbeing and it is totally worth it!

I had been looking for a decluttering service with a wholistic approach for sometime and I am so happy I found Peta.


Recently, we used Peta to organise our toddlers bedroom at our house. The job was enormous as the room had lots of clutter, over flowing storage areas and all of his old baby items.

Peta was thorough and collaborative with her planning of the space – using evidence based techniques to optimise rest, play and functionality of the room.

Peta nailed it with a really impressive result: not only was the room totally transformed from an organisational perspective it was also sparkling clean. The room remains clutter free with ease, even after a month – a true testament to its real-world functionality. We would definitely recommend Peta’s service to anyone thinking about tackling the organisation of a cluttered space.

Peta nailed it with a really impressive result

We can’t thank Peta enough for all her expertise and care when working with us to help our 17 year old son who has ADHD and has always struggled with keeping his room tidy and organised.

I loved Peta’s carefully curated shopping list of furniture and systems, her understanding of the ADHD mind, and her roll your sleeves up approach to getting in there and helping us set up our son’s room.

Hiring Peta also helped us to put a timeline and commitment around tackling the issues with our son’s room. His room is now a simplified, systemised, healthy space that takes a few minutes every day to maintain. It’s now a space we’re all ready proud of, that makes all the family feel calm. Thank you Peta!

Karen Miles

Hiring Peta also helped us to put a timeline and commitment around tackling the issues with our son’s room.

Mel Prieto

When I came across a post about Peta’s services I was feeling quite overwhelmed with juggling a home, business, a young boy and just life.

The first phone call with Peta set me on a path to help put not only my home in order but my mindset and emotional well-being. I needed help and felt comfortable around Peta. Her first decluttering session was a life changer. She helped me organise the heart of my home. The kitchen. It was a massive task. By following Peta’s list of organisational solutions she transformed the kitchen.

I feel ready to tackle other jobs with her help. I’m excited to see how the journey will evolve from here. She’s like a guardian angel that helps guide me to better my home and life. Thank you!!

She’s like a guardian angel that helps guide me to better my home and life.

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